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Agreement with Advanced Accelerator Applications Aligns with TerraPower Isotopes® Efforts to Increase Access to Rare Medical Isotope for Future Cancer Treatments

BELLEVUE, Washington – March 2, 2022 – TerraPower today announced a supply agreement with Advanced Accelerator Applications, a Novartis company, that will provide a key medical isotope in international efforts to expand cancer treatment options.

“Through our TerraPower Isotopes® work, we harness the spirit of innovation and nuclear science to accelerate better cancer treatment options,” said Scott Claunch, president of TerraPower Isotopes. “Our agreement with Advanced Accelerator Applications brings us another step closer to increasing access to Actinium-225 and making advanced treatments available to patients.”

TerraPower Isotopes’ work supports medical research and innovation by developing advanced radioisotope generators that enable efficient and automatic extraction of rare isotopes, like Actinium-225.

Since 2018, TerraPower has been working to increase the supply of Actinium-225 from Thorium-229 decay, which is derived from legacy U.S. nuclear material. Actinium-225 is an alpha-emitting radionuclide with significant promise in effectively treating cancer patients. It can be attached to a targeting molecule, which will then selectively target and destroy cancerous tissue.

Under the agreement with Advanced Accelerator Applications, TerraPower Isotopes, LLC, will supply Actinium-225. The Actinium-225 will be utilized in drug trials involving targeted alpha therapy in multiple disease areas.

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