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Core to TerraPower’s founding was the idea that as the global population grows dramatically over the next century, we’ll need clean, affordable, and reliable power for an additional four billion people. To meet this challenge, we’ve assembled a brilliant team at TerraPower who shares the vision of our founders. Our team has been assembled with broad experience from across industry, academia and government research. We’ve also discovered that transitioning US military members present a great pool of talent, who are rich in technical skills, hands-on experience and character.

TerraPower has discovered a program called Camo 2 Commerce which is helping recognize the potential of those who have served our country. Camo 2 Commerce is a work experience program which supports active duty military personnel stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) as they begin to transition to a civilian career. During the last six months of active duty, service members engage in work experiences with private-sector companies, without cost to the employer. This allows military personnel to continue to receive their full, active duty military pay and benefits as they prepare for civilian life.

The program also supports spouses of those participating in the program, thanks to the generosity of Pacific Mountain Workforce Development. Benefits of Camo 2 Commerce include career coaching, work training, and job placement services. Including spouses in this program is a great idea, as military spouses serve our country in their own way, supporting their loved ones, often undergoing family separation, and sometimes delaying their own careers for the good of the service.

At TerraPower, we’re proud to have participated in this program. Camo 2 Commerce has been a true “Win-Win” for us.