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By: Nick Touran

The benefits of nuclear science are present in our society on a day-to-day basis. However, they often go unnoticed. From the use of irradiation to preserve and protect our food, to medical isotopes used to diagnose and treat disease, nuclear science has quietly advanced our world.

Nuclear Science Week (NSW) is held each year during the third week in October. The week-long event acts as an important catalyst, driving conversation and participation from those in and outside the field. It helps showcase all the wonderful contributions that nuclear science provides in areas such as power generation, health care, agriculture, and space exploration.

TerraPower is proud to work on technologies that present an opportunity to revolutionize the way that we think about, and use, energy. We recognize and celebrate the vital role that nuclear science plays in this work.

We encourage everyone to get involved with this week’s events. NSW is not just for seasoned industry professionals. Participate in the conversation using #nuclearsciweek on social media!

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