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We are immensely proud to acknowledge the critical role our female employees play in advancing our mission to create revolutionary advances in medicine and energy through nuclear innovation. During Women’s History Month, we are eager to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary women on our team who are pivotal to our daily operations and crucial to achieving our goals of fostering a sustainable, clean energy future and transforming the fight against cancer. Their expertise, commitment and imaginative approaches in the realms of science, technology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and operations are invaluable assets that propel us forward. 

TerraPower recognizes the catalytic impact of diversity and inclusion within STEM fields. Our female engineers, scientists, project managers and leaders are the embodiment of innovation, providing a breadth of perspectives that enhance our collective efforts. Their contributions are not only essential to our success but also play a key role in establishing the legacy of environmental stewardship and energy resilience we aspire to leave for future generations. In celebrating their accomplishments, we reinforce our dedication to creating an environment where the talents and voices of women are acknowledged, valued and amplified. 

To all the women at TerraPower: your passion, vision and diligence are foundational to our success. You are not just shaping the future of our company; you are also vital contributors to the global mission of achieving a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world. Your involvement in advancing nuclear technologies underscores the significant impact women can have in STEM, serving as an inspiration for the next generation of female innovators and leaders. We thank you for your invaluable contributions to TerraPower and to the broader goal of developing scientific solutions for a better future. 



If you have a background in nuclear or engineering and are committed to harnessing nuclear technologies to change the world, TerraPower is waiting to hear from you. Visit our careers page to learn more about our current openings. 

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