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By: Jessica Harris, Senior Human Resources Manager

Sometimes it seems that, although companies wish to develop and groom their employees, the right channels to do so are lacking. In a previous post, I discussed a specific need for organizations to provide women opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. The nuclear sector will benefit from a broader range of skills, talents and experiences. Progress on closing the gender gap will influence the future of the industry. I also mulled over the idea of what could be done to help retain young women who often exit engineering careers before their male counterparts. This month, members of our team highlight an event that I believe works towards these goals of retention and advancement very effectively.

The U.S.Women in Nuclear (U.S. WIN) Conference begins this coming Sunday in San Francisco. U.S. WIN is a network of 8,000 plus members that supports women working in the nuclear industry and its related fields. The organization aims to create opportunities in the nuclear energy and technologies field for both women and men to succeed.

The agenda of this year’s conference offers a promising lineup of activities. It boasts four days full of tools for professional development, sharing of best practices and solutions across the industry, and discussion on issues in nuclear energy and nuclear technologies.

The U.S. WIN Conference is a prime example of a way for companies to stay on track, keeping their commitment to gender diversity initiatives. I would encourage organizations looking to follow through on this commitment to consider sending employees to a future U.S. WIN event.