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Technology Development

Investing in the Future

By May 11, 2016January 31st, 2020No Comments

By: John Gilleland, Ph.D, Chief Technology Officer

TerraPower was created to change the future, so it’s only natural that we would also invest in the future: the students who will carry forward our vision of clean, universally accessible energy in the years and decades to come.

We’ve worked with universities across the United States – from MIT to Oregon State University and from the University of Wisconsin to Texas A&M – to create new opportunities for students in nuclear engineering and related fields. Sometimes, that has meant offering support to on-campus research facilities. Just last year, a grant from TerraPower helped the University of Michigan expand its Ion Beam Laboratory.

More often, however, we invest directly in the students themselves. We’ve provided opportunities to students ranging from promising undergraduates to advanced PhD candidates. We’ve offered grants that allow students to conduct research in key areas that are helping make a new generation of nuclear power a reality. We have also been pleased to welcome interns from a range of disciplines to our facilities right here in Bellevue, Washington, to gain hands-on experience in tomorrow’s nuclear energy industry. Since we started our summer intern program, we have hired 68 summer interns at TerraPower, some of which have returned to full time jobs with us.

From our inception, TerraPower’s vision has been global. So this year, we’re expanding our programs for students beyond the United States. The TerraPower Nuclear Innovation Scholarship will advance education and innovation in the nuclear field in China. Xiamen University will be the first recipient. This scholarship will enable the university to select two PhD candidates to receive funding to apply to their graduate studies in nuclear engineering.

Helping students expand their horizons and move closer to achieving their dreams is incredibly rewarding. Our investment in tomorrow’s nuclear engineers and researchers, the university laboratories, scientists, and other experts contribute to advancing our goal of a future of abundant clean energy for everyone.

Creating, implementing and sustaining a new generation of nuclear power will only be possible if there is a new generation of leaders in the nuclear field, both here in the United States and around the world. We’re doing all we can to make sure those leaders will be ready to guide the nuclear industry through what we expect will be an exciting future.