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Our People

Bringing together the top minds in nuclear science, engineering, business development and project finance

At TerraPower, we have a team of highly trained nuclear physicists, engineers, project managers and operators with experience developing, building and operating fast and light water reactors for a variety of applications. Our team includes expert staff and consultants, many of whom have worked for the world’s most prestigious laboratories and energy and engineering organizations. Major contributors also include individuals who have received the highest honors in their fields—technical society fellows, international prizewinners, and recipients of the Enrico Fermi Prize and E. O. Lawrence Award.

Every member of TerraPower’s team shares a vision of using nuclear science for its fullest potential while making nuclear technology even safer and more cost-effective, adaptable, environmentally sustainable and resistant to proliferation. We work here not because we are interested in incremental improvements, but because we are each motivated to develop transformative technologies that benefit the environment and human health.

TerraPower Board

Leadership Team

Chris Levesque



John Gilleland, Ph.D

John Gilleland, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer

Christian Blessing

Christian Blessing

Director of Strategic Development

Marcia Burkey

Marcia Burkey

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Scott Claunch

Scott Claunch, RPh

President, TerraPower Isotopes™

Craighton Goepple

Craighton Goeppele

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Irene Hsieh

Vice President of Finance and Accounting

Jeff Latowski

Jeff Latkowski, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President of Molten Chloride Fast Reactor

Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller

Director of Business Development

Jeff Navin

Jeff Navin

Director of External Affairs

Tara Neider

Tara Neider

Senior Vice President and Project Director, Natrium™ Demonstration Reactor

Eric Williams

Eric Williams

Senior Vice President & Design Authority

George Wilson

George Wilson

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Licensing

TerraPower has a proud culture of mission-driven innovation.

TerraPower is proud of our culture of mission-driven innovation. Our employees develop clean, safe energy to address climate change and global poverty, and drive medical advances for human health applications. We attract exceptional people and encourage them to confront big challenges with bold creativity. We drive hard for progress while keeping our values at the forefront.


Our mission is to solve the world’s toughest problems in energy, climate and human health through innovative nuclear technology.


Our vision is to improve the quality of human lives by providing abundant, affordable clean energy and new solutions to cure disease and enhance public health.


At our core are the TerraPower Guiding Principles of Trust, Respect, Integrity, Open Communication and Teamwork. Solving tough problems requires talented people coming together in an inclusive environment.

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