Our work

Developing safe and clean energy to address global poverty and environmental challenges

TerraPower calls upon seasoned experts, thinkers, and troubleshooting pioneers to explore new solutions for the world’s most vexing problems. The company’s progress shows the resolve of this mission-driven approach. TerraPower works each day to expand the boundaries of scientific possibility while making a positive impact.

To foster this type of scientific progress, TerraPower maintains an innovation focus that motivates professionals from specialized disciplines to share and challenge new ideas. TerraPower’s commitment to innovating for impact is producing a diverse portfolio of products and services. Every member of TerraPower’s team shares a vision of using nuclear science for its fullest potential and aims to develop technologies that benefit the environment and human health.

Traveling Wave Reactor Technology

The TWR technology takes leaps forward in cost and safety, while drastically reducing waste and proliferation concerns. Its advantageous design requires less fuel while supplying more heat and operates with high thermal efficiency that is safe and clean.

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Molten Chloride Fast Reactor Technology

TerraPower’s molten chloride fast reactor (MCFR) project answers global challenges by expanding the ability of nuclear technology to decarbonize the economy beyond electricity. The MCFR project has the potential to be a relatively low-cost reactor that can operate safely in new temperature regimes.

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Other Technologies

After investing hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development, TerraPower has proven it is serious about bringing advanced nuclear technologies to market. It has invested in high-tech laboratories to prove out its concepts and partnered with America’s national laboratories, research universities and utilities. They’re all looking for next generation clean energy solutions. After a decade of work, TerraPower is ready to demonstrate advanced nuclear technologies in partnership with the United States.

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