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Our work

Developing safe and clean energy to address climate change and global poverty

TerraPower brings together seasoned experts and innovators to explore new solutions to the world’s most vexing problems. The company’s work to demonstrate advanced nuclear technologies in the United States shows the resolve of this mission-driven approach.

To foster this progress, TerraPower maintains an innovation focus that motivates our team members to share and challenge new ideas. This commitment has created a diverse portfolio of products and services. Every member of TerraPower’s team shares a vision of using nuclear science for its fullest potential and aims to develop technologies that benefit the environment and human health.

Natrium™ Reactor and Integrated Energy Storage

The Natrium™ technology is one of the fastest and lowest-cost paths to advanced clean energy that can change the world. With a sodium fast reactor, integrated energy storage and flexible power production, the Natrium technology offers carbon-free energy at a competitive cost and is ready to integrate seamlessly into electric grids with high levels of renewables. TerraPower and its partners are working to demonstrate this technology at a retiring coal plant in Wyoming.

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Molten chloride fast reactor design

Molten Chloride Fast Reactor Technology

Addressing complex, global climate challenges will require decarbonization across industries and energy solutions that provide abundant, carbon-free power and heat. TerraPower’s molten chloride fast reactor (MCFR) project has the potential to provide clean energy to help solve this challenge.

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Traveling Wave Reactor Technology

The TWR technology takes leaps forward in cost and safety, while drastically reducing waste and proliferation concerns. Its advantageous design is safe and clean, requires less fuel while supplying more heat, and operates with high thermal efficiency.

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Drawing of the Traveling Wave Reactor
TPI vial

TerraPower Isotopes

Medical research and innovation are underway with the TerraPower Isotopes program, focused on separating and processing Thorium-229 into Actinium-225, which may improve cancer treatments by destroying targeted cancer cells with minimum damage to healthy cells.

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Other Technologies

TerraPower is on a mission to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing mankind with safe, affordable and sustainable technologies. Our team of talented professionals in science, engineering and business development is creating new ways to use nuclear science to provide abundant, clean energy and medical isotopes that will enhance human health.

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