Rob Corbin

Chief Engineer Sodium Fast Reactor Technology

Rob Corbin is chief engineer focusing on TerraPower’s development of sodium fast reactor technology. In this role, Corbin works with experts on TerraPower’s engineering and fuels teams to provide additional definition, direction and oversight for TWR research, testing and development.

Corbin brings over 27 years of experience in four principal areas: spectroscopic and radiochemical laboratory techniques; high energy materials testing and evaluation; computer modeling of industrial and environmental processes; and design, testing and qualification of nuclear equipment for sodium fast reactors, fuel processing and radioactive material handling equipment.

Prior to his current position, Corbin spent over seven years managing the design qualification and component testing group at TerraPower and focused on technology and equipment development for the sodium fast reactor program. In this role, he led team development of the cover gas processing system, sodium distillation cold traps, cesium traps, thermal-hydraulic flow testing, core mechanical assembly testing, sodium detector research, and several innovation projects.

Prior to joining TerraPower, Corbin held positions at Columbia Energy and Environmental Sciences, Inc., NuvotecUSA, Portage Environmental, Inc, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. His expertise includes computer simulation modeling, energy materials testing and evaluation and equipment qualification and technology readiness assessments. He also held leadership roles in various groups, including engineering, software development, simulation and dynamic modeling, information technology, calibration and metrology lab, technology development and company test facility.

Corbin holds a Bachelor’s of Science in professional chemistry and physics from the Eastern New Mexico University.