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Recognizing Veterans

By November 11, 2016January 31st, 2020No Comments

By: Chris Levesque, President and CEO

Today, we all take pause to thank our veterans. We honor their sacrifices to protect the freedom that we hold dear. As a veteran of the U.S. Navy, this day holds special meaning for me. My time as a nuclear submarine engineer aboard the USS Will Rogers (SSBN-659) was the foundation for my passion for nuclear energy and its future potential.

I know that many former nuclear Navy vets feel as I do. The truth is, military veterans bring something very special to the nuclear industry. As a new initiative called “Veterans in Energy” points out, “nuclear energy has long been used in the armed services to power ships and submarines. This has created a well-trained military workforce parallel to that in the civilian industry and an employment pipeline from one sector to the other.” This knowledge transfer helps veterans with employment, and also helps the companies that hire them maintain a competitive edge.

I am proud that my company employs talented veterans who work with their nuclear peers from national labs, academia and the private sector on a mission to develop the next generation of nuclear energy. TerraPower hires veterans because their experiences are an asset to innovation. The veterans who work here are proud to say that their prior service adds value to TerraPower’s mission. A veteran’s sense of duty and service does not end when they leave the military. This commitment is what keeps American ingenuity strong.

Happy Veterans Day, everyone!