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By: Chris Levesque, TerraPower President and CEO

On behalf of the entire TerraPower team, I extend our deepest gratitude to the engineers at Bechtel and GE Hitachi for their invaluable contribution to the NatriumTM reactor demonstration project. Working alongside us, their expertise and dedication as part of our Natrium project team was crucial in the successful submission of our construction permit application to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) — a significant milestone as it represents the first application for a commercial-scale advanced reactor of this kind.

As we stand on the cusp of a new era in nuclear energy, our TerraPower team and project partners have demonstrated exemplary commitment and professionalism. The engineers and specialists who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes are some of the unsung heroes of this endeavor.

Together, we are not only pioneering advancements in nuclear technology but also paving the way for clean, reliable and flexible power solutions that promise significant benefits for the grid and local communities alike. As we progress into the non-nuclear construction phase this summer and work with the NRC through the construction permit approval process, we look forward to our continued collaboration.

Thank you again for your partnership and shared vision in revolutionizing how nuclear reactors function within our energy system. We are excited about what the Natrium reactor and energy storage system will achieve for the future of energy.