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Meet TerraPower @USWIN2023

Speakers & Sessions

Tara Neider

Tara Neider
TerraPower Senior Vice President and Project Director, Natrium™ Demonstration Reactor

Powering the Grid: Integrated Energy Systems and How Sources Work Together

Join Tara for this breakout session/technical track talk, where she will explore with fellow panelists predictions for electricity demand, current trends in investment in nuclear power, utility considerations in selecting integrated energy options, and more.

Monday, July 24
2:00 pm – 3:15 pm

Mark Werner

Mark Werner
Director of Plant Delivery, Natrium

Powering the Next Generation: Reimagining Nuclear

Join Mark for this closing plenary discussion about reimagining nuclear to meet today’s needs. You will learn about the challenges nuclear is answering today, nuclear’s role in decarbonizing hard-to-decarbonize sectors, applications the advanced designs offer, and how to support the growth of the commercial nuclear and technology sector.

Tuesday, July 25
3:45 pm – 5:15 pm

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TerraPower is Making History

Our innovations are transformative, not incremental, and are designed to rethink the way nuclear energy is delivered to enable broad access to safe, carbon-free energy. We are developing multiple reactor designs and pursuing useful applications of nuclear technology across industries.

TerraPower is making history with the Natrium reactor demonstration in Wyoming and innovative processes to extract radioisotopes as raw materials for use by cancer drug developers in cancer treatment.

Innovate, Transform, Collaborate

Be part of a collaborative, mission driven team and company.

A career with TerraPower is a rewarding one—if you want to contribute to clean energy, decarbonization, advanced nuclear efforts, and/or developing medical isotopes for cancer treatments, visit our Career page.

Join a mission-driven company, committed to building the next generation of talented innovators.

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