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There’s no place quite like TerraPower. Since its founding in 2008, the company has been focused on solving climate change and making clean energy available to reduce emissions and lift people out of energy poverty. This ambition is at the heart of TerraPower’s mission and vision, and the focus for every member of the team.


A Mission-Driven Company

TerraPower’s team and its work are central to making local, national and global clean energy goals a reality. The company’s guiding principles of trust, respect, integrity, open communication and teamwork drive each team member toward a shared mission: solving the world’s toughest problems in energy, climate and human health through innovative nuclear technology.

“What I love about working for TerraPower is that I’m able to put my fascination with advanced nuclear technology to good use toward the company’s efforts to lift millions out of energy poverty and help stop climate change,” says Matthew Wargon, senior engineer, nuclear design and shielding. “For a long time, the benefits of advanced nuclear have remained on paper, but at TerraPower, I feel empowered to make it a reality.” Numerous factors inspired Matthew to join the company including its work on several advanced reactor designs, its mission-driven guiding principles and the opportunity to help combat climate change.

As a company focused on deploying groundbreaking technologies like the Natrium™ reactor and integrated energy system and the molten chloride fast reactor (MCFR), TerraPower team members make a difference every day. Tommy Cisneros, deputy discipline manager, nuclear design, remarks, “I love working at TerraPower because we have the vision, the resources and the team to develop the technologies to fight climate change.”


A Talented, Collaborative Team

TerraPower is uniquely positioned to develop and deploy world-changing technologies because of its expert team members. This team has and continues to achieve important milestones – from winning a historic award to demonstrate the Natrium technology, to continuing development of the MCFR, to advancing cancer-fighting Targeted Alpha Therapies.

These accomplishments are possible because of the company’s collaborative and inclusive team environment. Autumn Brown, senior procurement manager who joined the team in 2019 notes, “TerraPower fosters a work environment of innovation, teamwork, and inclusiveness. The executive leaders want to hear the opinions of every employee within the company. It’s by far one of the best companies I’ve worked for.”

Pavel Hejzlar, technical fellow, offers his perspective. “Working at TerraPower was the highlight of my professional career,” he says. “TerraPower provides so many unique opportunities to work on a new generation of innovative ideas and employees are able to bring them to realization. It is truly a talented team.”


An Active Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

TerraPower brings together people from many career paths, experience levels, and disciplines who share in a goal to contribute to the world’s clean energy future. The company is also working to increase diversity in this critical sector.

For example, last year the company signed onto the Equal by 30 campaign, which requires signatories to commit to “equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities” for women in clean energy by 2030. This effort and others like it create a team with the diverse perspectives and experiences needed to reach the team’s goals.


A Place to Grow Professionally

The TerraPower team continues to grow, particularly as it works with its partners to demonstrate the Natrium technology this decade. This and other projects underway require talented individuals with a range of professional backgrounds and experiences.

Gabriella Cocco, facilities project coordinator, joined TerraPower in 2015 because of its clean energy mission and the clear open and positive bonds between colleagues. “TerraPower is unlike any other company because of the bonding and teamwork within the entire workforce and even more special, within the smaller department teams,” Gabriella says.

From engineering to project management to finance, TerraPower is hiring for a variety of roles. If you are interested in joining the team, learn more on the website and reach out to to get started.