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Striving to improve the world through nuclear energy and science
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TerraPower’s innovators are inspired. They create technologies to provide safe, affordable and abundant carbon-free energy. They devise ways to use heat and steam to drive economic growth while decarbonizing industry. And they develop processes to extract radioisotopes for medical use in lifesaving cancer treatments.

Our team combines unparalleled technical and engineering expertise, experience in delivering nuclear projects, and building organizations to tackle large scale global challenges.

TerraPower was founded by Bill Gates and a group of like-minded visionaries that decided the private sector needed to take action in developing advanced nuclear energy to meet growing electricity needs, mitigate climate change and lift billions out of poverty. Advanced reactors and other isotopic applications are now possible with technology and enhanced computing capabilities that were unimaginable a few decades ago. At TerraPower, we are innovating in nuclear to improve the lives of people everywhere and to build the clean energy of tomorrow – today.

TerraPower’s work has benefitted from collaborations with more than 80 corporations, national laboratories, universities and expert consultants. These organizations, institutions, businesses and agencies possess a vast amount of nuclear research knowledge and experience that has been developed in the corporate and academic sectors over the past 50 years. With these unique collaborations that cross national, corporate and academic lines, TerraPower has had access to the best minds in the nuclear research sector, including those who have implemented and managed large, complex international programs. This approach allows us to innovate in parallel, greatly speeding up the process to efficiently execute all the elements needed to develop, demonstrate and commercialize cutting-edge programs and technologies.

We seek to work with the best of the best in the industry in developing transformative nuclear technologies that will make the world a better place.

TerraPower has agreements in place with many U.S. national laboratories, allowing partnerships between these federal research institutions and private sector companies and universities. TerraPower’s work, including R&D and testing, has benefitted from collaborations with researchers from Idaho National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex.

TerraPower actively creates new supply chains as we research and develop new technologies. TerraPower’s work has benefitted from collaborations with companies that bring specialized expertise and spur growth in new industries in the process. Our domestic business relationships have included AECOM, AREVA, Becht Engineering, Bechtel Power Corporation, Brayton Energy, BWXT Nuclear Energy, Inc., The Cameron Group, Columbia Basin Consulting Group, LLC, Creative Engineers, Inc., Cryogenic Consulting Service, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Merrick & Company, Mid-Columbia Engineering, MPR Associates, SPX Flow, Southern Company, Technology Resources, Veridiam, WECTEC and Zachry Nuclear Engineering.

Inquisitive minds foster innovation, so TerraPower engages the academic research community to apply the benefits of their forward thinking. Our university collaborations not only support the development of the next generation of nuclear engineers and physicists, but also put to use the valuable research facilities available at America’s world class universities. To date, these academic partnerships have included the University of Michigan; the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Texas A&M University; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Washington State University; University of Wisconsin; Pennsylvania State University; and Oregon State University.

TerraPower also works with a variety of international organizations that offer specialized experience and testing facilities related to our nuclear research and development programs. By fostering international cooperation in advanced nuclear energy, TerraPower is helping keep the United States at the forefront of technology development.



Bill Gates and like-minded visionaries determine the private sector must act to develop clean energy resources to halt climate change and to raise global living standards.

Nuclear power is identified as an essential element of energy infrastructure.


Work on Traveling Wave Reactor (TWR®) physics and engineering concepts begins.

Great potential benefits of the TWR® concept are identified.


TerraPower is officially launched as a nuclear innovation company.

TerraPower logo

Engineering design of TWR concept begins.


Initial computing cluster is commissioned.


Collaboration begins with multiple national laboratories.


Detail is added to reactor and fuel design for the TWR concept.

Materials development program is established.


TerraPower laboratory is established.

Test reactor irradiation programs and ion irradiation programs are established.

TerraPower identifies molten salt reactors as a research technology.

Collaboration with universities, national laboratories and companies expands to start a global fuel, materials and component development program.


Significant advances in materials with fuels and materials experiments underway.



TerraPower signs a MOU for cooperation with China National Nuclear Corporation for TWR program development.

TerraPower expands laboratory to a 10,000-square-foot research and development facility focused on diverse advanced nuclear energy technologies.


TerraPower is awarded a $40 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy for the research, design and testing of TerraPower’s molten chloride fast reactor project.


TerraPower reaches a cooperation agreement with China National Nuclear Corporation to form a joint venture to co-develop TWR technology.


isotopes logos

TerraPower enters into an agreement to work on medical isotopes for Targeted Alpha Therapies.

A domestic policy change in the United States prevents American suppliers from exporting non-light water, advanced reactor technology to China.


TerraPower supports congressional efforts to build a Versatile Test Reactor in the United States. The reactor will be used to research and test key materials for sodium fast reactor technologies.

TerraPower’s MCFR program research team hits 1,000 hours of continuous operation on their molten salt loop—a key milestone on the road to a reactor prototype.

DOE announces $1 million award for joint- TerraPower and Ramaco Carbon project to create high-value products from coal.

TerraPower expands its laboratory space in Everett, Washington, to 65,000 sq. ft.


A Bechtel-led team, which includes TerraPower, is selected to enter negotiations to design, engineer and build the U.S. Versatile Test Reactor.

Versatile Test Reactor

The U.S. Department of Energy awards TerraPower $80 million to demonstrate the Natrium™ reactor and integrated energy system with its technology co-developer GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and engineering and construction partner Bechtel.

Natrium Reactor

TerraPower signs on to the Equal by 30 campaign, committing to “equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities” for women in clean energy by 2030.

Equal by 30

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