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TerraPower’s suppliers and collaborators provide valuable services, materials and manufactured products, and are important members of our extended team. Since 2008, TerraPower has been bringing together the strengths and experiences of the world’s public and private nuclear energy sectors. To date, TerraPower has engaged more than 80 corporations, universities and government agencies from around the globe.

We will continue to put exemplary emphasis on engaging the diversity of the nuclear supply chain, including small, disadvantaged businesses; women-owned small businesses; veteran-owned small businesses; service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses; and HUBZone small businesses. We have found that working with a diverse supply chain strengthens our ability to deliver quality projects, enhances the capabilities of the small business community, and fosters a healthy business environment.

Nuclear fuel rods

Supplier Registration

Please complete the new Supplier Prescreening Form and submit it along with your company’s brochure or other documents that highlight your company’s capabilities to TerraPower will not review incomplete application submissions. TerraPower reviews new suppliers on the last week of the month (submission cutoff is the 23rd of every month). Your information will be reviewed to determine whether your company capabilities are a good fit for future business opportunities. Note: If your company is comprised of different subsidiaries, divisions, or locations, a new entry will need to be submitted for each, if applicable.

Suppliers with favorable prescreening results and found to have capabilities that meet our needs will be contacted by a Contract Administrator (CA) who will provide onboarding instructions on how to register and create a profile in TerraPower’s Supplier Portal (BonFire). Please do not contact the CA directly for review status.

As a result of your registration, you may receive occasional emails notifying your company of future or existing opportunities. To learn more about how TerraPower handles your information, view our privacy policy.

Natrium™ Projected RFP Opportunities

We are excited to release this list of potential supplier opportunities for the Natrium Reactor1 Demonstration Project and look forward to hearing from interested parties who want to help bring the demonstration plant to fruition. Bear in mind that the details of this list are subject to change, revision, or cancellation.

There is no guarantee that these opportunities will result in a solicitation for any of this work. Below is a list of anticipated vendor opportunities for the Natrium Reactor Demonstration Project, separated by Demonstration Plant Equipment and Test and Fill Facility equipment.

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Rotating Plug Drive

Design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of a rotating plug drive utilized by the in-vessel fuel handling system. The rotational drive assembly provides motive force to rotate and brake the Rotating Plug Assembly (RPA) safety and accurately through the required motions as prescribed by the refueling plan.

Fuel Handling I&C System

Design, fabrication, testing and delivery of a control system that integrates motor controllers, field sensor data acquisition equipment, field control device signal output equipment, a local human machine interface, and a programmable controller.

Nuclear Instrumentation System

Supplier will provide design support, fabrication, testing, delivery, and training of a Nuclear Instrumentation System (XIS). This system monitors neutron flux in a high temperature environment around the core as well as the associated electronics for signal amplification and conditioning.

Radiation Monitoring System

Supplier will provide design support, fabrication, testing, delivery, and training of a Radiation Monitoring System (RMS). The RMS provides radiation activity indications for use in the protection of plant personnel and the surrounding environment during all foreseeable operating conditions.

Ex-Vessel Storage Tank

The design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of an Ex-Vessel Storage Tank which will be a sodium filled American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section III pressure vessel with internal rotating carousel for storage of new and spent core components.

Sodium Processing System - Electromagnetic Pump

Fabrication and testing of a electromagnetic pump primary sodium through a processing system. This pump provides safety related primary pressure boundary features.

Pool Racks

Design, fabrication, and delivery of racks to store spent fuel within Natrium’s spent fuel pool. These pool racks will be like spent fuel pool racks used at pressurized water reactors.

Sodium Processing System - Sampling and Monitoring Equipment

Design, fabrication, testing and delivery of sodium processing, sampling and monitoring equipment. Within inerted cells to support the primary sodium loop and delivered on skids to support others, the equipment will monitor for and trap impurities, monitor activity levels and allow for the sampling of sodium for further analysis.

Primary Heat Transfer Flow Meters

Design and manufacture of electromagnetic flow meters in conjunction with a differential pressure flow transmitter.

Intermediate Heat Transfer Flow Meters

Design, fabrication, testing (TBD), and delivery of an ultrasonic flow sensor. The sensor measures velocity of sodium within 30 inch NPS piping.

Pool Handling Machine

Design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of a pool handling machine to move spent fuel within Natrum’s spent fuel pool. This machine will be like spent fuel handling machines used in spent fuel pools at pressurized water reactors.


Training Simulator

Supplier will design, fabricate, procure, integrate, test and install a full scope training simulator for the Natrium Reactor Plant.

Sodium Cover Gas - Sampling and Monitoring Equipment

Design, fabrication, testing and delivery of gas monitoring/sampling equipment, cabinets, and skids for the argon cover gas. Includes cabinet for concentrating/measuring  stable xenon and krypton isotopes, impurity monitoring, and sampling capabilities.

Sodium Level Instruments

Design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of Sodium Level Instruments. These instruments will be located in drywells passing through the reactor head. The sensing devices will not contact Sodium, but will be exposed to high radiation and elevated temperatures.

Sodium Cover Gas - Routing and Control Equipment

Design, fabrication, testing and delivery of gas routing and control equipment for the argon cover gas, including gas accumulator skids, overpressure protection skids, a safety isolation valve skid, and an oil bubbler.

Fuel Transfer Lift

Design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of a fuel transfer lift and associated prototype. This elevator-like lift has three primary functions: charge and discharge core components into and out of the reactor, provide a portion of the primary containment boundary for the reactor vessel during refueling, and provide adequate shielding during normal operations and refueling outages.


Expansion Tanks

Design, fabrication and delivery of a head tank partially filled with sodium. This tank are designed to ASME BPVC VIII – Division 1.

Sodium Drain Tank

Design, fabrication and delivery of three sodium drain tanks. Two large tanks are identical, and one is a smaller supplemental tank. These tanks are designed to ASME BPVC VIII – Division 1.

Physical Security System

The design, fabrication, testing, delivery, and maintenance personnel training of a physical security system (NSC). The NSC shall include supply of necessary cabinets, displays, operator/engineer stations, and hardware/software including I/O. Equipment would include security computer, video assessment, security communication, access control, intrusion detection, & physical search.

Plant Security Cyber System

Design, testing, delivery, and training of a plant cyber system (PCS). The cyber defense architecture for the System employs a multilayered approach to ensure robust protection against potential cybersecurity threats. This strategy is built on layers to provide a comprehensive defense mechanism. Equipment would include Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), firewalls, certificate authority, asset monitoring, data diodes, & Portable Media and Mobile Device (PMMD).

Intermediate Heat Transport Sodium Drains Valves

Design, fabrication, testing (TBD), and delivery of sodium drain valves on small bore piping.

Rotating Plug Assembly Seals

Design, fabrication, testing, inspection and delivery of Rotatable Plug Assembly (RPA) Seals. These are static and dynamic, provide the seal functions at the pressure retaining boundary in the Reactor Enclosure system to prevent egress of cover gas to out of the Reactor Vessel. These will be a part of the ASME Section III, Division 5 pressure boundary.

Fixed In-Vessel Shielding

Fabrication, fill, testing and delivery of Fixed In-Vessel Shielding (FIVS) containers filled with powdered neutron shielding material. The FIVS is permanently installed shielding within the Reactor Vessel that must last the lifetime of the plant. This will be a ASME III Div 5 fabrication.

Bulk Sodium

Sourcing and delivery to site of elemental sodium for use in the Natrium Reactor and the Test and Fill Facility.


Reactor Head Equipment Removal Cask

Design support, Fab and Test for equipment that will be a set of shielded casks and supporting equipment used to remove, store, and install major reactor head equipment. This includes shielded casks for long-term storage, as well as floor valves, beams, and adapters to support the casks and mate them to the reactor vessel. Design codes applicable to all or parts of this work would be ASME BPVC-III-I, ASME B31.3, ANSI N14.6, IEEE 1290 and AWS D1.6.


Bechtel is leading a majority of the vendor selection for construction materials and services. Interested suppliers are strongly encouraged to register in the Bechtel supplier portal here:


Valves – Desuperheater, Steam Attemporate Valves (Steam conditioning, desuperheaters, spray water)

Geotechnical Investigation/ Engineering – Borings (Placeholder)

Circulating Water Pumps (Main)

Molten Salt Steam Generator

Settlement/Rebound Monitoring (Placeholder)

Heater, Deaerating Feed Water Heater (FWH)

Seismic Monitoring System

Condenser (and SJAE)

Heaters, Feedwater

AKBS – Onsite Buildings – (RFB)

Crane – Overhead Cranes

Auxiliary Boiler Package

Tank, Shop Fabricated, ASME Section VIII

HRS – CW – Cooling Tower

CFW Feedwater Pumps

Steam Turbine Generator and Auxiliaries


Analysis, Monitoring and Testing, Soils – Including sourcing, permitting and Mining of Fill Material

Chiller, Centrifigual

Compactor, Rad Waste (RWS)

Precast Concrete Items (Manholes, Duct Bank, Trenwa, Catch Basins, etc.) (NST)

Precast Concrete Items (Manholes, Duct Bank, Trenwa, Catch basins, etc.) (SR)

Valves, Ductile Iron, Underground/Buried

Fire Protection and Detection – Supply and Install

Filter, HEPA

Compressor, Air, Screw Type

Fan-Coil Units

Excavation Earthwork and Dewatering

NI Excavation Earthwork and Dewatering (SR)

Tank, Field Fabricated Tanks, Salt Tanks

Pumps, Centrifugal

Water Heaters, Electric

RWG Filters

Treatment, Sludge Dewatering and Drying – RWS

Air Handling/Filtration Units – Ventilation

Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger – CCW

Heaters, Superheater, Steam

Venturi/Flow Tubes

Electrical Heaters (Immersion, Inline) for NSS Drain Vessel/TSS Tanks

Pumps, Sump, Vertical

Oil/Water Separator

RWL Evaporator

RWL Demineralizer

Pumps, Centrifugal, Horizontal, Slurry

Valves – Severe Service Control Valves

Standby Diesel Generator


Tank, HDPE (Acid/Caustic)

Heat Exchanger, Air to Air

Filters, Non-Pressure Vessel – RWL

Demineralized Water Treatment

Onsite Buildings – Supply and Install

Treatment, Oil/Water Separator

Chemical Metering Pumps

Filters, Tubular Ultrafiltration – RWL

Vertical Turbine Pump (Salt Pumps, ESS, TSS, SGS)

Sewage Treatment Plant (Extented Aeration Skid)

Windows, Radiation Shielding


Tank, Field Fabricated (ESS drain tank, SGS drain tank, Demin tank, Condensate tank, etc.)

Pressure Vessel (NSS Drain Vessel)

Valves – (>NPS 2) Gate, Globe, Check, and Needle, Cast (CS/SS)

Compressors, Recipr., Special Purpose

Condensate Pumps

Pumps, Fire Water

Valves – General Service, Motor Actuated

Heat Tracing System – Design & Supply

Reverse Osmosis System – RWL

Heat Tracing System – Design & Supply

Cathodic Protection System – Design & Supply

Heaters, Immersion

Cooling Towers – Install

Communication System – Design, Supply and Install

Liner Plate

Valves – General Service, Air Operated

N2/Argon/H2/CO2/Propane Storage and Supply

Air Dryer

Heaters, Inline/Immersion, Electric

Safety Showers & Eyewash Stations

Pressure Relief Valves, Stainless Steel

Architectural Walls, Finishes, Doors, & Windows – Supply

Bulk, CS, SS, Alloy Pipe and Fittings (NST)

Valves – Ball, Metal Seat, Air Actuated

Louvers and Vents

Cable Bus and Isophase – Installation and Test


Sewage Lift Station

Steam/Water Analysis System

Switchyard, Design, Fabricate and Deliver


Nuclear / Energy Island Security System (NST)

Load Center Transformers

Transformers, MSU, UAT, and RAT

Isophase Bus

Generator Circuit Breaker

RWG Charcoal Absorber Beds, ASME Section VIII

Physical Model Testing, Cooling Tower CW Pump Intake

Variable Frequency Drive MV & LV


Pipe, Circulating Water (Concrete Pipe)

Excavation of Shafts (includes Rock Blasting if required)

DC/UPS Equipment (NST)

DC/UPS Equipment (NSRST)

Basket/Concial Strainers (NST)

Structural Steel, Misc. Steel, Detailing, Supply and Fabrication (SR/Non-ASME)


Bechtel is leading a majority of the vendor selection for construction materials and services. Interested suppliers are strongly encouraged to register in the Bechtel supplier portal here:


General Services (incl.:Waste Management, Field Office Trailers, Janitorial, Temporary Power and/or Fueling, Sanitation, Provision of Potable Water, Snow Removal)

PSP Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD)

Sodium Cooler

Standby Diesel Power Generator Package (including fuel storage)

Sodium-Air Heat Exchanger

Foundations/Concrete (Civil Works)

Shop Fabricated Atmospheric Tanks

Harsh Environment Winch

In-Sodium Core Assembly Support Structure

ASME Section VIII Code Calculation for Test Vessels

Security Services

AC Switchboards

25kV outdoor switchgear (MV)

Electromagnetic Pumps

Instrument Air Skid

Field Fabricated Tank

Heat Exchangers, Sodium-Sodium (Shell and Tube) (SPS)


Load Center Transformers

Water Treatment Skid

Glove Bags

Cover Gas Treatment Equipment Skids

Basket, Tee, Conical Strainers

Severe Service Control Valves

Flowmeters, Magnetic

Flowmeters, Sonic/Ultrasonic

Pressure Transmitters (Gauge/Differential) (Sodium Only)

Shop Fabricated Pressure Vessels STE (PSP) (Tank in Tank)

Shop Fabricated Pressure Vessels STE (Small)

Shop Fabricated Pressure Vessels STE (Test)

Inline Heaters

Immersion Heater

Cryogenic Liquid Storage and Vaporization Skids

Pressure Relief Valves (Section VIII)

Metal Expansion Joints

Pressure Transmitters (Gauge/Differential)

Temperature Transmitters/Thermocouples Assembly

Fire Protection /Detection – Design, Supply and Install

Radar Level Transmitters

Inductive Level Transmitters

General Purpose On/Off Ball Valves – Soft Seated

CCTV System

Insulation – Design/Supply

Electric Heat Tracing – Design/Supply


Conductivity Level Switches and Leak Detectors

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Piping) Contractor – Supply and Install

CRD Loop Modules (Integrator)

Prefabricated Module (Electrical Equipment Room)


AC Power Distribution Panel Board – 480V, 65kA Switchgear

1A TerraPower and GE Hitachi Technology

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