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Advanced Reactor Modeling Interface

Open-Source Software to Develop Next-Generation Clean Energy Technology
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An Advanced Reactor Modeling Interface to Speed Innovation

Open-source software can help improve options for advanced reactor designs and lay the foundation for a strong regulatory basis for new reactors.

TerraPower’s team joins developers of similar open-source software—such as Idaho National Laboratory’s Multiphysics Object-Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s OpenMOC, OpenMC and others—to work collaboratively with the U.S. Department of Energy and the nuclear industry in their efforts to develop and demonstrate advanced reactor technologies.

The open-source portion of TerraPower’s software offers a framework and ecosystem that will benefit from external contributors who are also in need of better automation tools and expressive reactor frameworks.

TerraPower’s advanced reactor modeling interface provides an integration platform that can improve the usability and coupling of physics kernels and reactor analysis methodologies, whether they be proprietary or publicly available.

Working with the Open-Source Community

We are excited to work with the broader open-source software community for the advancement of crucial technology.

Making Possible Engineering-level Design and Analyses

Our tools can provide an answer to the industry’s quest for a system capable of confirmatory analyses supporting various advanced reactor concepts or designs.

TerraPower’s advanced reactor modeling interface software is complementary to the powerful proprietary physics kernels of the U.S. Department of Energy labs, TerraPower and other organizations, which users may obtain separately.

Together with these proprietary kernels, this platform allows engineering-level design and analysis of myriad different processes for generic reactor designs. It also exponentially reduces the amount of data management that needs to be done in the beginning stages for most companies. Design parameters must be provided by the user. This allows national laboratories, regulators, universities and reactor developers to evaluate concepts at much earlier stages of development.

TerraPower engineer in a lab
Advanced reactor core 3D model

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